Fresh Tissue Samples

We source fresh tissue samples to meet your specific research needs.

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Improve Your Research With
Fresh Tissue Samples

We can collect fresh human tissue samples to meet your research project needs. We can obtain samples from healthy or diseased donors according to your specific requirements.

Fresh tissue samples are the best laboratory model available for living human tissue. Yet many researchers design their experiments and procedures using preserved or processed biospecimens, because they can’t reliably obtain fresh tissue samples.

The ability to rapidly and economically source fresh tissue samples has enabled some leading researchers to achieve more accurate results in much shorter times.

Example Fresh Tissue Sample Requests

Cutting edge life science research often requires very specific biospecimen collection criteria.

We have the expertise to help you formulate the exact specifications to match your needs.

With our network of providers, we have the resources to supply even the most difficult to find samples.

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Skin Tissue Samples

  • Healthy subjects
  • 30 subjects, 1 sample per subject
  • Tissue size approximately 4 cm x 4 cm per subject
  • Samples must arrive within 24h of collection
  • Data: Age, Gender, Race, Country, Tissue Size (cm)

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Breast Cancer Tissue Samples

  • Breast cancer
  • 15 subjects, 1 sample per subject
  • Stage I-III
  • Any grade
  • Treated or untreated subjects
  • Surgical resections
  • ~300 mg tissue per subject
  • Samples must arrive within 24h of collection
  • Data: Age, Gender, Country, Diagnosis, Treatments (if applicable), Tissue size

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Lung Cancer Tissue Samples

  • Lung cancer
  • 10 subjects, 1 sample per subject
  • NSCLC only
  • Any stage
  • Untreated subjects only
  • ~200 mg tissue per subject
  • Samples must arrive within 24-48h of collection
  • Data: Age, Gender, Country, Diagnosis, Cancer Stage and Grade, Tissue size (mg)

Subject and Sample Data -
Fresh Tissue Samples

A selection of the types of subject and sample data we can obtain to accompany the tissue samples.

If you don’t see the type of data you need, contact us for further information.

Subject Data

  • Demographics
  • Diagnosis and Staging
  • Treatment History and Response
  • Lifestyle
  • Medical History
  • Longitudinal Follow-Up

Sample Data

  • Biomarker Analysis
  • Pathology Review/Report
  • Sample Size (mg)

Delivery of Fresh Tissue Samples

We know the importance of delivering fresh tissue samples as soon as possible. In most cases, fresh tissue samples can be delivered to your lab within 24 hours of collection. We work with several different courier companies to make sure the samples arrive on time and in good condition.

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Our Network of Biospecimen Providers

We work with a worldwide network of biospecimen providers, including academic/hospital biobanks and a variety of other providers. We only work with biospecimen providers who meet our strict standards with regards to biospecimen quality and ethical compliance.

It is our priority to ensure that we can source all types of biospecimens. As a result, we are constantly looking to add new providers to our network. If you are a biospecimen provider, please contact us for more information about joining our network.

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