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sourcing fresh biospecimens blood tissue samples

3 Things to Consider When Sourcing Fresh Biospecimens

Sourcing fresh biospecimens (ie. fresh whole blood or fresh tissue) can be a much more complicated and risky task than trying to source either temperature stable samples (ie. FFPE blocks or slides) or banked temperature-sensitive samples (ie. frozen tissue or...

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Who Uses Human Biological Samples?

Human biological samples are biological materials that are obtained from living or deceased human subjects. Some examples of biological samples include blood, urine, stool, tissue, cells, saliva, swabs, or DNA. Biological samples are widely used as part of routine clinical care...

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types of biological samples

Types of Biological Samples: An Overview

Human biological samples are biological materials that are obtained from living or deceased human subjects. There are many different types of biological samples that are commonly used as part of routine clinical care (ie. diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring), and/or in...

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whole blood components tube

Components of Whole Blood: An Overview

Whole blood and its components have a number of different uses in clinical diagnostics and life science research. Whole blood can be collected into a number of different tube types depending on the downstream use of the sample. In particular,...

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biospecimen collection scientist blood samples

Biospecimen Collection: Prospective vs Retrospective

Biospecimen collection for scientific research is categorized into two broad groupings: prospective and retrospective. In this article we will describe each of these biospecimen collection types, explain when and why they’re used, and provide some examples of the types of...

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biospecimens urine blood tube

What are biospecimens, biological samples and biosamples?

Human biospecimens are biological materials that are obtained from living or deceased human subjects. Biospecimens are commonly also referred to as biological specimens, biological samples, biosamples or samples. All of these terms are used interchangeably. Some examples of human biospecimens...

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5 Reasons Scientists are Unable to Source Biospecimens

For anyone doing research in biomedicine or a related area, it can be a continuing problem to source necessary biospecimens. Unlike other lab supplies or equipment, sourcing biospecimens generally requires more work than merely selecting and ordering the item online. ...

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choosing biospecimen procurement specialist

Choosing a Biospecimen Procurement Specialist

If you need biospecimens for research, there are several good reasons for outsourcing that process. We’ve discussed them in a previous article, The Advantages of Outsourcing Biospecimen Procurement. In this post, we discuss things to keep in mind when you...

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